Energy Boost Increases Metabolism

Just about everybody has needed an energy boost at some time in their life. Below are some ways to boost energy and increase your metabolism.

How to Lose Weight And Get An Energy Boost

Ways To Speed up Or Boost Your Metabolism

Energy Boost Your Metabolism

The modern lifestyle has brought much more comfort to us than any of our ancestors could ever imagine. We sit inside air conditioned offices, travel in comfortable cars, order everything online and get most of our work done by computerized machines – leaving almost no room for any manual labor. But this sedentary lifestyle brings in many health problems like obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes.

If you are trying to lose weight and get slimmer, then there are always two ways – reduce the intake of calories, go on special dieting and eat only once a day, or increase your metabolism so that you can consume more calories per day. While the first method of calorie restriction can make you lethargic, the second way of increasing metabolic rate can boost your energy levels for the entire day.

Get An Energy Boost To Lose Weight

Here are some of the ways to boost weight loss by increasing your metabolism:

1. Build muscle mass – Your body burns more calories if you have bigger muscles. The number of calories burned while doing nothing, dramatically increases if your muscles are larger and stronger. You can easily build muscle mass by regular strength training in the gym.

2. Intense bursts of exercise – While regular exercising is really helpful when you are trying to lose weight, your metabolic rate boosts up when you go through sudden, short and intense exercising bursts. For example, when going for jogging, you can run very fast for five minutes and push your limit with this high intensity workout.

3. Drink more water – The calorie you take in through food needs water to burn. So even if you are working out regularly, you may not be able to burn much fat if you are not drinking enough water. This is why it is essential that you keep yourself hydrated all the time. When you step out, you should carry a water bottle with you and keep sipping small amounts of water now and again.

4. Eat more often – When you eat after long intervals, your body’s metabolism drops down. To keep your metabolic fire crackling, you should eat small amounts of food and eat more often. You should have a small meal or protein snack every three or four hours. This will not only improve your metabolism, but will also help you in eating less at dinner time.

5. Have spicy food – The spices, especially the red pepper or cayenne, have chemicals that rapidly boost your metabolic rate. You should eat spicy food more often to keep your metabolism up. You do not have to order Mexican or Indian food; you can just sprinkle a little cayenne powder over your regular food for the calorie burning effects.

6. Green tea – It is shown in many scientific studies that drinking green tea boosts your metabolic rate by as much as 17 percent. So after a delicious dinner, it is a nice idea to have some hot green tea. The caffeine and catechin inside the green tea help you burn more fat faster.

These are few ways to burn more calories and lose weight faster, but these should be practiced regularly over a long period of time for them to be really effective. After all, you cannot build muscle mass in only a week to increase the metabolic rate. But these methods can help you boost weight loss if used continuously over a period of many months.